High Fidelity is an open-source project, so all of our code and documentation is available for you to look at. You too can contribute to our endeavor!

Our GitHub repository contains the source to many of the components of our software for creating virtual worlds. The project embraces distributed development. If you find a small bug and have a fix, pull requests are welcome.

Build Instructions

All information required to build is found in the build guide:

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Technology companies frequently receive and use code from contributors outside the company’s development team. Outside code can be a tremendous resource, but it also carries responsibility. Best practice for accepting outside contributions consists of an Apache-type Contributor License Agreement (CLA). We have modeled the High Fidelity CLA after the CLA that Google presents to developers for contributions to their projects. This CLA does not transfer ownership of code, instead simply granting a non-exclusive right for High Fidelity to use the code you’ve contributed. In that regard, you should be sure you have permission if the work relates to or uses the resources of a company that you work for. You will be asked to sign our CLA when you create your first PR or when the CLA is updated. You can also review it here. We sincerely appreciate your contribution and efforts toward the success of the platform.