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Uploading assets with Tivoli


Tivoli files is still work in progress, however its very stable. You may have problems with the user interface. If you want to suggest changes or report bugs, please post them on our Roadmap.

Tivoli provides free file storage of 1GB for free, soon to be expandable.

Anything you upload will be hosted on an infinitely scalable ultra fast server. It's recommended that you use it so that users can load worlds as fast as possible without causing more lag.

You can find My Files on the Tivoli website under Apps.


Create folders to organize your content

Upload assets such as: 3D models, images, scripts, audio and more.

My Files

Right mouse click on a file or folder to bring up it's context menu.

Copy URL to clipboard will give you the link to your file. Use this in-world so that others can see your content.

If your username is User, the link to the model below would be

You can create as many folders as you want. An example URL would be

My Files context menu

Last update: July 29, 2020