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Launcher 1.0.2 - September 20, 2021

  • Fixed signing in on Linux

Launcher 1.0.1 - September 20, 2021

  • Added custom interface installation path in settings
  • Added button to open installed interface path in settings
  • Added dialog to help users remove the old launcher

Launcher 1.0.0 - September 17, 2021

There are some major updates to the launcher that should make logging in and updating really seamless for everyone! It should be easier than ever to get started with Tivoli.

  • Signing in is now automatically done using the browser.
  • The launcher can now auto-update so quickly you might even miss it.
  • Interface will also auto-update so quickly you might even miss it.

...all as fast as a fox! 🦊

This new update will make it 1000 times easier for us to push out new updates!

Some other changes include:

  • Added versions section in settings
  • Added search to the world selector
  • Updated to Electron 14 (coming from 8, gosh)

Interface 0.18.0 - September 17, 2021

General updates:

  • Tivoli will now close a little bit faster
  • Added option Settings > Disable Web Entities (requires reconnect after toggle)
  • When seated, avatars won't rotate with the camera anymore
  • Updated the API Reference so legacy documentation links work again
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1l on Windows

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed world server spawn orientation (Tivoli uses xyzW, not Wxyz)
  • Fixed avatars not standing up whilst sitting when changing worlds
  • Create tools grid is now more visible and doesn't get obscured

Updates to scripting:

0.17.3 - February 28, 2021

  • Added glTF draco decompression support
  • Added world selector to launcher with a setting to always spawn at tutorial
  • Updated the launcher's crash dialog which will help you reset your settings
  • Disabled assimp logging, which caused a lot of crashing

0.17.2 - January 20, 2021

  • Fixed frequent crashes related to assimp from the last update
  • Added support for embedding YouTube videos in chat
  • When launching Tivoli for the first time, it'll try to guess your graphics settings
  • Improved "Avatar from my Tivoli files" in avatar app

Updates to models:

  • Fully implemented vertex colors on glTF models
  • Fixed unlit colors using incorrect color space on glTF models
  • Fixed crash when loading empty animations from animGraphURL in .fst files

Updates to scripting:

  • Added MyAvatar.getAvatarPreviewImageURL() which will return the url relative to the preview property in .fst files. Avatar previews will also show in the avatar app.
  • Added locallyVisible as an entity property which lets your hide or show entities locally

0.17.1 - January 9, 2021

A very small patch that fixes the Ready Player Me avatar creator available in the things app.

0.17.0 - January 9, 2021

Happy new year from everyone at Tivoli! 🎉🎈

This update is an exciting start to the year with some courageous new features.

The biggest feature today is the addition of assimp, a multi-format 3D model importing library!

  • glTF models now use assimp and support armatures!
    • This means we can use the Ready Player Me avatar creator which will be available for testing in the things app. Please try it out! It may not work well in VR yet.
    • A couple things may still be broken such as animations, joints and vertex colors
    • Draco decompression will be support soon which is already available in Blender
  • Assimp will automatically optimize 3D models when importing, in ways such as:
    • Joining identical vertices to reduce draw calls and GPU memory
    • Find identical meshes and instance them which will reduce GPU memory and work
    • Splitting large meshes every 1 million vertices/faces to optimize large meshes
    • Improve cache locality which will optimize rendering on modern hardware
  • Lots of other 3D file formats are supported too now, such as:
    .3ds, .blend (2.79, soon 2.9), .dae, .ply, .stl, and many more available here

Another feature is the addition of libsndfile, a multi-format audio parsing library!

  • Lots of audio file formats are supported now such as:
    .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .aiff and more available here
  • All .wav files are supported now so no need to export with exact settings
  • .mp3 files don't have the annoying crackling sound anymore!
  • It's now possible to use flac for losslessly compressed ambisonic sound

Then we have two lovely updates from FluffyJenkins and Humbletim:

  • New properties on the main Camera such as parentID, parentJointIndex, localPosition, locationRotation
  • Enhancements to avatar parenting adds new properties to MyAvatar such as localPosition, localRotation, localVelocity and more
  • All of these changes are little contributions to getting vehicles to work! Thank you~ ❤️

General changes to interface:

  • Added show self for nametags in the graphics settings
  • Added brotli decompression to http and tea requests
    • If you upload a .br or .gz file to Tivoli files, accessing it through the url without the compressed extension will serve the compressed version if available.
  • Made sure the settings menu is correctly scaled in VR

Changes to chat:

  • Added text to speech for macOS
  • Added /tp command to teleport to people in-world
  • Made sure the time/date of messages always appear
  • Added video embedding to chat when you post .mp4 or .webm urls
  • Improved scrolling through the chat history

0.16.2 - December 20, 2020

  • Updated to Qt 5.15.2 which fixes the recent web related crashes
  • Avatars will properly save when selected from the things app
  • Your cursor will update with web entities/overlays when in desktop
  • When selecting a file, it'll now use the native system file picker

Graphics changes:

Other fixes:

  • Fixed the things app randomly zooming in when in VR
  • Fixed the tab menu accidentally appearing on launch
  • Fixed "Find an avatar here!" button in the avatar app
  • Fixed URLs in chat when pasting them from the new Microsoft Edge

0.16.1 - December 8, 2020

A small patch with some good changes!

  • Possibly fixed the create tools crashes! Together with controller scripts, we separated them to different threads which seems to resolve many crashes
  • Fixed the macOS version. Qt 5.15.1 had introduced an unexpected bug
  • Changed the default field of view to 120 degrees horizontal
  • Fixed some issues with metallic and roughness being ignored for fbx models
  • When connecting to IP addresses instead of worlds, properly reset the title bar

0.16.0 - December 4, 2020

It's been 2 months since the last update. Thank you for waiting so patiently. There are some exciting changes in this version! Starting with the...

Initial release of the things app where you can find all kinds of avatars, scripts and entities! Currently maintained on the things repo on our GitLab, it'll replace the market app for now. When tea:// content protection and inventory are implemented, we can start working on a real marketplace in the future.

General changes to interface:

  • Updated position and rotation of tablet when opening it in VR
  • Added horizontal field of view to the graphics settings. Default has changed from 80 to 90 degrees.
  • Added time and date tooltip to chat messages
  • Added "allows anonymous users" warning in explore menu
  • Added reconnect button to the explore menu which is slightly faster now

Changes to entities:

  • Added linear interpolation to animations on model entities so you can smoothly play them at a sloooooow speeeed
  • Added billboard mode to shape entities. Use in user data with {"billboardMode": "yaw"}
  • Added 3D side by side support to web entities. Use in user data with {"sbs": true}
  • Fixed boolean uniforms for procedural shaders
  • Fixed material names in glTF which was a problem when using materialMap in an .fst file
  • Added support for metallic, roughness and emissive to multiply its texture. This makes models more compliant to the glTF spec. Hooray no more fully metallic glTF models!

Changes to scripting:

  • Fixed loading scripts with tea://
  • Added TIVOLI_SCRIPT_DEBUG environment flag which adds a Script Debug menu
  • Added local file change detection to bust script cache - thanks humbletim
  • Fixed enterEntity not firing after content reload - thanks ctrlaltdavid
  • Fixed Selection API which fixes outlines in the create tools

Changes to the world server:

  • Added spawn radius which you can set in Content > Paths
  • Added auto updating. Find out how to enable it on the worlds hosting guide
  • Improved server Docker image from 2.1 GB to 1.1 GB

Others changes:

0.15.0 - October 20, 2020

There's a server protocol change! You'll have to update your world(s).

tea:// protocol is now available!

  • Please try it out and let us know what you think! You can copy tea:// links from your Tivoli files or select an avatar from the avatar app.

Performance updates that make things feel faster!:

  • Improved performance of entity updates - thanks HifiExperiments
  • Improved performance of pick rays significantly
  • Local entities get higher priority updates now
  • VR hand lasers also get higher priority updates
  • Added an option to set maximum texture memory in graphics settings

Other changes to interface:

  • Avatar entities are working a lot better now so we can do attachments!
  • Static entities are converted to automatic when cloned
  • Added open in external browser to in-world browser (CTRL + B) - thanks ctrlaltdavid

Bug fixes to interface:

  • Fixed a crash when switching audio output
  • Fixed bug where procedural shaders get applied to other entities
  • Added login/logout buttons when not using the launcher
  • Removed "customTags" which were all over the entities json
  • Avatar URL was moved to another more reliable packet
  • Removed old graphics menu

0.14.2 - September 23, 2020

Using Tivoli on macOS with an AMD graphics card is now fixed!

If you were having problems with you Mac, this version may likely work. If not, please let us know so we can try to figure out the issue.

Other changes:

  • Reverted laptop touch pad controls update from 0.14.0

0.14.1 - September 21, 2020

This is a very small patch where:

  • The world server has been fixed and you can now update
  • Increased physics network update speed for smoother physics

0.14.0 - September 20, 2020

This update has some changes that make Tivoli feel a lot faster! The two most important are:

  • You can now immediately move around when you join a world. There's a "ghosting" property for zone entities where you can disable this.
  • Assets are now cached to the disk so you don't have to download everything every time. You can resize or move it's location in the new settings menu.

We can't wait for you to try it and let us know what you think!

General changes to interface:

  • Added new settings menu which is going to unify everything together! It's still work in progress and doesn't include everything yet, but it already has some new settings.
  • Added nametag settings where you can customize your display name or set your pronouns.
  • Enabled SL style insProtocol changepect by default. Hold Alt and right mouse click to look around.
  • Disabled loading things at the bottom of the screen since the caching and ghosting makes it feel unnecessary.

Changes to entities:

  • Fixed blendshapes for glTF - thanks ctrlaltdavid
  • Added "none" to web entity input modes which won't capture any user input.
  • Hopefully the create tools might crash less.

Changes to chat:

  • You can send code in chat by wrapping your message like this ```console.log("Hi!")```

Changes to the scripting API:

Bug fixes to interface:

  • Flipped laptop touch pad controls to feel more natural.
  • Disabled drag and dropping files into the window to upload to atp which kept happening by accident.
  • Fixed bug where overview overlay (hold Tab) could accidentally capture all input.
  • Fixed bug where nametags could block your input.

Tivoli is now also available on the Arch User Repository under tivoli-cloud-vr-bin

0.13.2 - August 31, 2020

General changes to interface:

  • Zone culling works now! and can be used in your worlds
  • Disabled all smoothing for trackers and controllers in VR
  • When loading worlds, your avatar won't be stuck as long as before
  • Optimizations to render pipeline, things should feel snappier now
  • Fixed bug causing certain entities to intermittently not render
  • Fixed Valve Index not detecting SteamVR trackers - thanks Fluffy
  • Parenting entities to your avatar is not as laggy anymore - thanks HifiExperiments
  • Fixed lag when you start Tivoli with a scaled avatar - thanks HifiExperiments

Changes to interface chat:

  • You can select text now and a scrollbar has been added
  • Use up and down arrows to view your own chat history
  • When sending URLs you'll see info about the site, for example: YouTube video title and description or thumbnail of an Instagram image
  • Added / shortcut to open chat with a command and moved stats menu to F3

Changes to the scripting API:

  • Added btoa and atob to convert text to base64 and back.
  • Added request to make easier HTTP requests than using XMLHttpRequest
  • Added Chat.messageReceived signal
  • Enabled Test namespace which has always been available

0.13.1 - August 19, 2020

Fixed critical rendering and framerate bugs.
Occlusion with GLTF sadly won't work again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

0.13.0 - August 18, 2020

Yay, a new version of Tivoli! This version has lots of updates!

There's a protocol change! You'll have to update your server(s).

Changes to interface create tools:

  • Added transparent background property to web entities
  • Added clone grabbable property to all entities
  • Added button to teleport your avatar to selected entities
  • As well as teleport selected entities to your avatar
  • Occlusion textures should now import with GLTF models
  • Hopefully fixed some crashes whilst using the create tools

Changes to the launcher:

  • World server is now available for Windows in the launcher!
    Enable under "Settings > General > Enable local world server"
  • Added "Open Tivoli interface" to the tray menu
  • When updates fail, there's now a fallback button to manually download

Changes to the scripting API:

  • Added Camera.disableLookAt which will let your camera rotate with your avatar
  • Added About.platform which returns "Tivoli Cloud VR" for interoperability with forks
  • Added new Chat namespace where you can add your own commands (yay for cli!)

Changes to interface chat:

  • Added text to speech support to Linux with festival
  • Don't speak urls when they're in your message
  • Added new line support with Shift + Enter

General changes to interface:

  • You should be able to grab things with two hands in VR again
  • Fixed H264 with WebRTC for livestreaming on Windows
  • Lowered minimum Linux distro to Ubuntu 18.04
  • Updated explore so only compatible protocols appear
  • Added experimental "Developer > Tivoli Options > Bypass Script Engine Throttling" which can possibly speed up scripts
  • Fixed bug where web entities had access to your microphone in order to fix audio not coming through Oculus headsets. Microphone and camera permission will always be strictly requested and never automatically allowed.

General fixes to interface:

  • Fixed bug where some entities randomly don't render
  • Fixed entities showing in-world when they're meant to be gone
  • Fixed some AMD issues. Display-based FPS will now use 60 FPS minimum
  • Fixed toolbar/tablet button labels not showing the correct font

0.12.0 - August 4, 2020

  • Added Squirrel Nut Cafe content to the game files so it loads instantly. Never wait ever again!
  • Added antialiasing settings to the graphics menu with: None, TAA or FXAA
  • Added nametags toggle to graphics. Snap app can now also temporarily disable them
  • Added more properties to entities like, opacity, text font/effect, billboard mode and web input mode
  • Added /tts and /ttstoggle to chat which currently only works on Windows
  • Added lock icon to window title when in a private world

  • Updated SteamVR/OpenVR with 2 years of updates which may help with Valve Index or Pimax
  • Updated Oculus VR as well which may improve performance
  • Experimental Linux VR support with SteamVR/OpenVR

  • Unlimited FPS has been updated to Display-based FPS so you don't render more than necessary
  • It's now possible to load urls relatively when importing entities from JSON. The blender tools are now much easier to use
  • Fixed loading external QML with tablet.loadQMLSource

0.11.0 - July 27, 2020

AMD graphics cards now work which won't crash on startup anymore!
I'm so happy because this has been an annoying bug stopping people from even trying Tivoli. This bug fix also applies to macOS users with AMD gpus.

Edit 1: The AMD bug is not fixed on macOS and we're really sorry. More research will be done as soon as possible.

Edit 2: THE INVISIBLE AVATAR BUG IS FIXED! For the few people whose avatar wasn't coming through, it's now fixed!

  • Fixed online users disappearing in explore
  • Fixed scrolling in explore when in VR
  • Updated mic bar to be horizontal so it's more obvious when you're muted or not
  • Added "Import Entities from URL" to the create menu
  • Added keyboard shortcut for reconnecting using CTRL + Shift + R
  • Fixed audio crackling for arm64 servers such as Raspberry Pi
  • Disabled crashy context menu appearing in any web overlay or entity

Changes to in-world chat

  • Links and images are now clickable when focused
  • Added /me command to talk in third person
  • Fixed scrolling through the chat history
  • Unfortunately chat is not compatible with 0.10.5 or older

0.10.5 - July 16, 2020

The auto updater will not work for this version!
Download Tivoli from
We're sorry for the inconvenience

  • Changed the default world to Squirrel Nut Cafe
  • Added background and animations to chat
  • Fixed joined/left without usernames in chat
  • Fixed low resolution textures
  • Added unlimited FPS option in graphics which is default
  • Disabled vsync to decrease input latency
  • Renamed performance menu to graphics menu
  • Added F11 shortcut to toggle fullscreen
  • Shadows are now enabled by default
  • And another fix... Make sure to update your server! ...expect the audio to sound better...

0.10.4 - July 11, 2020

Tivoli server will now run on arm64 such as Raspberry Pi and Android!

  • Added new overview accessible by holding down tab
    • Will show where you are, players nearby, ping and draw calls
  • When joining a world, you'll now appear at the correct location
  • Audio from web entities now output through your selected device
  • Maximum texture size is now set to 8192 x 8192
  • Audio menu was reorganized

0.10.3 - July 4, 2020

  • Fixed accidental right mouse clicking on the chat when moving the camera

Changes to the launcher

  • Tray icon works properly now on Windows
  • Launcher will open when you run it again
  • Fixed changelog tab

0.10.2 - July 4, 2020

  • Fully fixed bug where anyone could edit unlocked entities
    • You don't have to lock your entities anymore to avoid griefing
    • Update your server to make sure that it's in effect
  • Completely recreated chat with emojis, images, commands and join/leave messages
  • Button to pick your avatar from your Tivoli files in the avatar app

Smaller changes to interface

  • Disabled the shader cache which was causing crashes for some people
  • Hopefully fixed not being in first person when in vr

Changes to the launcher

  • Tivoli now has a tray icon so you don't close interface as easily
  • Disabled "Waiting at the launcher..." Discord rich presence
  • Ability to set additional environment variables in developer menu

0.10.1 - June 27, 2020

  • Added scripts to market app which will include lots of fun things soon
  • Removed P shortcut that used to take a snapshot
  • Enabled autoplay for audio or videos on web entities
  • Shaders won't be applied to other entities anymore
  • When downloading assets, user agent will include TivoliCloudVR/<version>

Changes to the launcher

  • Added "Remove all settings" button to reset Tivoli settings
  • Fixed Windows installation failing when changing install path
  • Fixed copy and pasting on macOS

0.10.0 - June 24, 2020

This is the first public release of Tivoli!
Now fully available at

Just a couple of bug fixes

  • Shadows look better now as they have a longer distance
  • Textures will downscale at resolution 4096 instead of 2048

0.9.2 - June 18, 2020

  • Fixed textures and models not loading on Windows and macOS
  • Updated the Enter/Leave VR button with a non-glitchy icon

  • Launcher now shows version in window title
  • Interface launch errors are now properly shown on the launcher

  • Fixed a sudden crash when changing model URLs
  • Fixed reloading content in serverless worlds -- thank you ctrlaltdavid

0.9.1 - June 9, 2020

  • is now available for sharing worlds! Visit My Worlds and copy your world link

  • Crashes are now sent to our servers so we can quickly fix bugs and improve stability
  • When errors occur in the launcher, they'll be shown instead of ignored

  • Default rotation and position of newly created entities now face you
  • Added Reload Page to web entity properties

  • Updated to Qt 5.15 LTS
  • JavaScript objects will now print correctly in the console
  • Fixed Settings > Custom Shaders on Models menu button
  • Model origins registrationPoint can now be outside of the model's bounding box
  • Added sendToQml function and fromQml signal to web entities

0.9.0 - May 20, 2020

Protocol update! You'll need to update your servers too.

  • New work in progress Market app where you can find avatars
  • See interface logs in the launcher with button to copy to clipboard
  • Key bindings are now visible in all menus
  • Rebranded to early access

  • Servers can now use full automatic networking with ICE protocol
  • Fixed bug where snaps were incorrectly named
  • On macOS, window will be full screen on startup now

  • We've moved all CDN content to Google Cloud so expect much faster downloads
  • Lots of other backend changes readying for our public release!

0.8.2 - May 10, 2020

  • Fixed bug where you could be in third person in VR
  • Reverted laser pointers back to older design for now

0.8.1 - May 9, 2020

  • Fixed tablet which broke from last update
  • Updated the toolbar and tablet fonts to be condensed
  • Updated the tablet user interface

0.8.0 - May 9, 2020

  • Tivoli for Linux is now available! As an AppImage, deb and arch package

  • Brand new default avatar called Lynden (inspired from Devs), unique per person
    • New button in avatar app that will let you randomize colors
  • Lots of user interface updates to fit our design language
    • Updated the toolbar at the bottom with new colorful buttons
    • Updated the window frames
    • Updated the icons
  • New default skybox to be a pretty colorful aurora
  • New menu buttons
    • Settings > Use Avatar Placeholders will stop rendering avatar models
    • Settings > Custom Shaders on Models which is enabled by default
    • Developer > Tivoli Options > Stop Rendering
    • Edit > Reload Avatar

  • Fixed secondary camera being too dark on mirrors or spectator camera
  • Fixed avatars resetting when changing worlds ...thank goodness finally
  • Fixed reload model button on model entities
  • Fixed flipped normals on double sided geometry -- thank you HifiExperiments
  • Fixed default spawn location for new users, now at Silence
  • Fixed default camera not set to third person
  • Fixed current version not showing on

0.7.2 - April 22, 2020

  • New private tab in explore where you can find worlds you have access to

  • Fixed window not centering on macOS
  • Fixed disable vr showing in launcher when using unsupported platform
  • Fixed reloading and searching in explore menu
  • Fixed default world for new users. They will spawn at Silence now

0.7.1 - April 21, 2020

  • Fixed the macOS version from crashing. This was a silly mistake of us
  • Anti-aliasing is permanently disabled until it's fixed

0.7.0 - April 17, 2020

  • Tivoli for macOS is now available!

  • Updated all fonts! This is so lovely because it's now consistent
  • Removed all ugly gradients! Buttons with gradients don't fit in
  • Started fixing capitalization on buttons and text
  • Added supersampling up to 5x in the performance settings

  • Updated the performance settings which needs major redesigning regardless
    • There's now a potato option...
  • Experimental "reload model" button on model entities
  • Experimental disable custom shaders option
  • Experimental disable bone flow option
  • Experimental force unlit option
  • Experimental fast refresh scene button

  • Fixed a bug where glb models weren't being loaded
  • Fixed the bug where a white rectangle always appears at 0,0,0
  • Fixed old broken links in the menus
  • Green loading cube is now a Tivoli colored cube!

0.6.0 - March 28, 2020

  • Updated Tivoli to Qt 5.14.1!
    • Web entities work perfectly now as they're using updated Chrome version 77
    • All video and audio codecs work now so you can watch Twitch with your friends
    • Overall speed performance from almost a year's worth of patches

  • Fixed bug where entity animations weren't playing
  • You can tilt your camera now when loading a world
  • Worlds load properly now if you have a slow internet connection
  • Web entities aren't "mobile devices" anymore when visiting websites (user agent)

  • Logging in with Google works again on the launcher
  • For people with VC redist problems, you can launch Tivoli without installing anything

0.5.0 - March 11, 2020

  • Tivoli interface will close much faster
  • Setting blendshapes on model entities are supported
  • Experimental new hand laser redesign
  • Reactivated secure microphone and camera permissions for web entities
  • Secondary camera uses proper light and shadow rendering again
  • Experimental loading content indicator redesign which will be changed

  • Several zone culling and static entities bug fixes
  • Several static entities bug fixes including when in create mode
  • Fixed crashes on audio output device change

0.4.1 - February 18, 2020

  • Fixed disable VR button in launcher
  • Default settings for new users have been updated
  • Moved launcher developer settings
  • Prettier launcher background

0.4.0 - February 12, 2020

  • Features and improvements

    • Interface

      • Added Entity Priority which should help creators determine what should be static or dynamic. It makes frame rates ridiculously higher!
      • You can scale entities with your hands when in VR
      • Flight controls have been updated to feel nicer
      • Entities are simulated at closer distance so animations don't look laggy
      • Edit tools should feel more responsive now
      • You can load serverless json worlds from HTTP(S) links now
    • Launcher

      • You can now view the changelog from a tab
    • Server

      • World spawn path is now set in the server settings under Content > Paths
    • Bug fixes

      • Installing Tivoli will install dependencies that were missing on some machines
      • Switching audio devices doesn't crash you anymore
      • Fixed exploit where you can edit entities without create rights
      • Game loop rate and bypass priority are available in stats now (press /)
      • Removed annoying uploading to asset server message that was creepy and weird
      • Fixed scrollbars that were missing

0.3.0 - January 21, 2020

  • Zone culling cull all entity types and transitions faster
  • Entities load faster when you connect by temporarily disabling their render priority

  • Web entities have a higher frame rate by default
  • Explore uses a brand new panel format when in VR
  • Explore now shows the currently connected world down below
  • Exploreloads instantaneously when you open it

  • Launcher has a disable VR button next to the launch button

0.2.0 - January 17, 2020

  • Frame rate has been significantly improved
  • Zone culling performance has improved
  • Zone culling labels are easier to understand
  • Tablet size/distance are back to normal
  • Mic button at the top left is ensured to show

  • Improved developer UI for launcher

0.1.0 - January 9, 2020

  • Initial release!

Last update: February 21, 2022