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Download the Tivoli Unity Avatar Exporter here:

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1.0.1 - September 6, 2020

  • Standard shader works now!

    When exporting with metallic + glossiness textures, the exporter will automatically create new textures that are compatible with Tivoli. Standard (Specular setup) currently doesn't work but can be fixed in the future.

  • Autodesk interactive shader works as well now. It was originally called Standard (Roughness setup) but the rename broke the exporter.

  • When exporting, the scale slider works now with locales that use comma as decimal separator, for example: Germany, Belgium, etc.

  • Added double sided faces toggle when exporting. Unfortunately Unity doesn't let you enable it per material but it's an export option for now. It's disabled by default.

    Double sided faces

1.0.0 - June 27, 2020

Initial release!

  • Added Linux support
  • Added unlit shader support
  • Added transparency on textures support

Last update: February 21, 2022